Product and Brand Assessment

Your product or service offering is really the heart of your Marketing Mix as without a good offering, good customer service, brand, image, or other similar factors, then it’s likely that no matter the pricing, promotion or placement, it will be much harder to acquire customers and in the worst case the business could fail.

If you are looking to start a new business, refresh your current brand, or launch a new product or service then this is a perfect tool for you.

By answering the questions that follow, you will be guided through a process which will highlight areas in which to focus and will develop your brand. We recommend having all key stakeholders in your business fill this out separately after which you can compare answers to reveal any inconsistencies. Brands which have buy-in from all key stakeholders will be more successful.

We are still working on automating the report building for this tool, so in the meantime, once we receive your answers, we will manually assess them before sending you a personalised report with our recommendations.

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Business Type

This first section will help define the basics of your business structure, Please answer each of the following three questions.

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Do you sell products, services, or both?
Are you best described as a retailer, distributor, manufacturer, wholesaler or services provider?
Who do you sell to?

Select the font types

Please select the font types that you like from the below list (select up to 3):

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Select the colour palette styles

Please select the colour palette styles most suited to your brand (select up to 5 of 18):

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Select the style that best represents your brand.

Below you will find a mission statement from a fictitious company written in six different styles. Please select the style that best represents your brand.

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Select the style statements

Please select up to three statements from the list below that best represent your brand:

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We bring dreams to life. We offer a transformative experience.
We offer wisdom. We embody the pursuit of knowledge.
We offer freedom and child-like happiness. We don’t care for burdens or seriousness.
We are bold and don’t conform to corporate or societal norms. We create our own path.
We like to be light-hearted and sometimes silly. We use humor to deliver our message.
We embody passion, pleasure and sensuality. We encourage indulgence.
We are bold and free and love adventures. We thrive in unchartered territory.
We represent luxury and exclusivity. We value quality over quantity and aren’t marred by price. We are simply the best.
We are compassionate and a source of trust. We aim to nurture and can always be relied upon.
Where there is a challenge, we are the ones to solve it. We rise to any occasion with strength, resilience and skill.
We are relatable to every-one. We keep things simple and are far removed from any pretentiousness.
We can turn something simple into something essential through innovation, imagination and creativity.

Select the personality trait

Please select the personality trait that best represents your brand:

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Define the human side of your Brand

This set of questions will assist in defining the human side of your brand in more detail. Please answer the following three questions:

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If your brand were a car, which would it be?
If your brand had a gender, which would it be?
If your brand had a sexuality, which would it be?

Highlight any gaps in the business

This section will highlight any gaps in the business or any areas in need of attention with regard to the customer and the market. Please answer the following five questions:

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How would you currently rate the value of your products or services to your customers?
Not valuableVery valuable
How would you currently rate your customers satisfaction of services?
How saturated is the market you operate in?
Not at all saturatedVery saturated
How differentiated would you say your business is to its competitors?
Very similarHighly differentiated
How well would you say your product or service solves a specific customer need or demand?
Not at allExtremely well

Describe your business

Finally, please use your own words to describe your business, it’s strengths and how it differentiates within the market.

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Add message and/or existing style guide

Is there anything else you want to add or comment on? Leave a message and we will take note or take action. Lastly, if you have a style guide that you are happy with, please upload it here.

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Thanks for taking the time to fill out your product assessment

Thanks for taking the time to complete this assessment. As mentioned, we are still working on automating the reporting so in the meantime, we will do it for you manually. Now that we have received your responses, we will get to work on sending you the outcomes and also some recommendations if we have any to add.